A healthy work environment is of great importance! It contributes to more productivity, less employee absence and lower employee turnover. Sustainability and circularity of buildings have been a focus point for some time, but we also know that the interior working environment has a large impact on the health and happiness of employees.

As a producer, (interior) architect, developer, facility manager or human resources professional you have a crucial role in developing the interior working environment. INSIDE/INSIDE is the tool to calculate the environmental costs and circularity index and present them clearly.

Do you want to contribute to the transition from a linear to a circular economy? Read why and how you can take part with INSIDE/INSIDE.

Getting started with INSIDE/INSIDE

Are you curious about the environmental costs of a product or do you want to know how circular your interior is? Get immediate insights into how sustainable and circular your interior with INSIDE/INSIDE by quickly and easily selecting finishing materials, furniture and other aspects of your interior.

After entering the amounts and square meters, the total environmental costs are calculated in Euros. This number reflects the cost that is necessary to compensate the environmental impact of your interior choice. The circularity index offers insights into the number of recycled materials in your interior choice as well as how many materials can be recycled in the future. The more recycled or re-used materials and the less waste products in a production chain the higher the circularity index.

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View and select products and materials.

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Compare products and materials and add them to your project.

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Calculate the environmental costs and gain insight into your project's circularity

Become an INSIDE/INSIDE partner

Ekotex: “This initiative has the potential to significantly accelerate the sustainability factor of interior sector by sharing knowledge and working together with all partners.”

The new INSIDE/INSIDE tool can measure the environmental impact of an interior permitting interior architects to focus on creativity and functionality in their designs while immediately seeing how sustainable their choices are. We became a Launching Partner as this tool is an innovative new approach and adheres to our own sustainable ideals.(Victor Franke, Ekotex)

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of interior products or materials and are interested in becoming a partner click here to find out about the advantages, how to apply and the costs involved.

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