Become a partner

Become a partner

As a producer of interior products or materials, INSIDE/INSIDE objectively shows how sustainable your products are. Reach your targets easily and contribute to sustainable transparency in the interior sector.

The product categories we include are shown on the right.

A partnership with INSIDE/INSIDE includes a few standard elements. In addition, INSIDE/INSIDE is open to further expansion of a partnership based on the wishes of your organisation.

Partnership benefits

  • 10 products*, including your own (product) description and logo in the database
  • Your organisation’s profile on the website
  • Join INSIDE/INSIDE (networking) events and promote your own events and developments through INSIDE/INSIDE
  • Contribute to the further development of INSIDE/INSIDE

*Definition of a product: a product or material consists of one or more products based on the same EPD.


Including your products on INSIDE/INSIDE requires investment. The investment includes a yearly contribution to INSIDE/INSIDE and the costs to get EPDs. The costs for creating and verifying the EPDs are paid to your LCA-expert.

1. Partner investment INSIDE/INSIDE

  • €2500 yearly membership INSIDE/INSIDE
  • If you wish to include more than five products in the database, an extra €250 per product is required. A sliding scale is available from 10 products onwards.

Producers of one product can join as a Single Product Partner and pay €1500 as membership fee.

An overview of partner and product costs can be found here. Membership can be stopped yearly by sending a written confirmation before 1 October for the next year.

2. Investment to acquire a verified EPD

Products must have an EPD to add them to INSIDE/INSIDE. Creating and verifying the EPDs must be done by a qualified LCA-expert. The prices below give an indication of the costs and depend on the complexity of a product’s production process and how easily is the required information available. Read more details on how to acquire an EPD here. The minimum costs for an EPD per product are:

  • Creating an LCA (or a series of LCAs) costs around €2000 including generating the EPDs. An EPD is valid for five years.
  • Verifying a (series of) EPDs costs around €1250

*The time required to gather data about the production process and suppliers is not included. Costs can be reduced by licensing an LCA tool and running the LCA calculations in house.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or wish to have a summary of all the information download our brochure.

Get in contact with us if you wish to become a partner or have more questions.


If you are not a producer or supplier of interior products or materials but would like to support the new sustainable standard in the interior sector you can become a Knowledge Partner. You will be supporting the development of INSIDE/INSIDE but also be a part of our network.

Read the Knowledge Partner brochure to learn more about this partnership. This partnership can be fulfilled in many ways, depending on your wishes, such as knowledge sharing, promotional activities, events and sharing news and developments.

An overview of our current Knowledge Partners and other partners can be found here.

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