INSIDE/INSIDE is a non-profit organisation established in 2018 by three initiators, the Dutch Green Building Council, Ex Interiors and NIBE. INSIDE/INSIDE is legally and financially part of the Dutch Green Building Council foundation and so has no profit goals. INSIDE/INSIDE exists thanks to the committed support from our partners in the interior architecture and design sector. The initiators and the Founding Partners form INSIDE/INSIDE’s steering board. Technical matters are handled by the technical committee with members from NIBE, LBP Sight and Ecomatters. The roles of the initiators, Founding Partners, Launching Partners and Knowledge Partners and their vision for sustainability will be explained below.

The future of INSIDE/INSIDE depends on partners adopting the initiative. Companies may become partners and may add their products to INSIDE/INSIDE. Non-producing companies can join as Knowledge Partners and support INSIDE/INSIDE.


The Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC), NIBE and Ex Interiors started INSIDE/INSIDE to answer the growing need for a clear overview of the sustainability of interior products. We have a societal duty to stimulate sustainability in urban interiors. NIBE has in-depth knowledge in calculating the environmental impact, circularity and health of materials. Ex Interiors is a pioneer among interior architects in sustainable projects. The Dutch Green Building Council ensures INSIDE/INSIDE objectivity and is an independent host for the platform as well as being experienced in providing objective sustainability measurements available for users.

Founding Partners

The development of the platform was made possible in part by financial support and knowledge sharing from our Founding Partners. They are trailblazers in our goal for a sustainable world and aim to bring change to current unsustainable practices through innovation. The Founding Partners’ knowledge and experience of materials, products and applications contributed to the creation and content of INSIDE/INSIDE.

Launching Partners

Many suppliers were quick to trust and support this initiative and became Launching Partners. Their vision on sustainability and interior materials and products can be found in INSIDE/INSIDE. The Launching Partners are early adopters and supported development as the first suppliers for the platform. The first phase of developing INSIDE/INSIDE was possible due to the Launching Partners. Click on the logo to find out more about their vision and products. ​​​​​​​

Knowledge Partners

Knowledge Partners support INSIDE/INSIDE and through make by their partnership the interior design sector more sustainable. Knowledge Partners are not producers but contribute to INSIDE/INSIDE’s development by sharing knowledge. Working with Knowledge Partners INSIDE/INSIDE has a broad foundation and is moving towards a large network dedicated to making interiors more sustainable.

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