Brand independent

Schuifdeurkast (3 OH)

-160cm breed, 3 OH hoog

Merkonafhankelijk berekend op basis van:
-Gemiddelde samenstelling en indicatoren o.b.v. data van meerdere leveranciers
-Productie in Europa
-Inclusief deels gerecyclede grondstoffen
(afbeelding kan afwijken van omschrijving i.v.m. berekening gemiddelde samenstelling)

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Manufacturer specifications

BrandBrand independent

Brand independent
NameSchuifdeurkast (3 OH)
Product code21002-003
EAN code
Operating life10
DimensionsL: 440 mm, B: 1600 mm, H: 1200 mm
Fire ratingNot set
Smoke classificationNot set
ColoursAnthracite, Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Chrome, Cream, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Taupe, White, Yellow
MaterialsPlastics, Steel, Wood
Additional imagesNot set


Sustainability score

Calculated byNIBE
Calculator ReferenceEPD-NIBE-20190314-4112
Environmental costs€16.30
Valid fromNov 30, 2020
Valid toNov 30, 2025
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