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Decovery® by DSM, delivering maximum performance with minimal impact

DSM is a Global Life Science & Material Science company, active in health, nutrition and sustainable living. Our purpose is to create brighter lives for people today and generations to come. For DSM, sustainability is more than a responsibility; it is our company’s core value.

The journey towards sustainable paint technology

We are proud DSM has taken a leading role in the transition from solvent borne to waterborne paints & coatings. Moving away from fossil-based materials is the right thing to do. Why? Because every one of us has a vested interest in safeguarding the planet we all call home.

Reduce the world’s dependency on fossil-based materials

With the unique Decovery® plant-based resin portfolio, DSM sets a high-performance standard in paint & coating, replacing fossil-based materials by renewable materials. Enabling our customers to offer a more sustainable finish that is plant-based, reduces the carbon footprint and meets the high-performance requirements of end users, today and tomorrow.

A sustainable match

Ecological interior products like wood can often be considered as sustainable. But when these natural products are finished with chemical coatings or paints it affects the environmental impact, while the reusability and toxicity will degrade. Therefore, DSM supports the development of the INSIDE / INSIDE platform, that helps users to make sustainable design decisions based on objective and verified environmental data. DSM’s Decovery® is one of the six founding partners  supporting the development of the platform.

Join the movement

As leading technology partner, DSM drives the transformation of the paint & coating industry towards a sustainable future. By developing high performance resins that are plant-based, we aim to positively impact the world. For people today and generations to come.

A revolution you can become part of!

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